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                  Welcome to the official website of Liaoning Oerlikon Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.!
                  Liaoning eurekang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd
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                  PRODUCTS CENTER

                  Product center

                  Liaoning Ouruikang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

                  Fushun tianxingda industrial cloth Co., Ltd. is one of the large-scale professional enterprises engaged in the production and operation of nonwovens and ancillary products. It has developed into a comprehensive filter material manufacturer integrating needled felt, woven filter cloth, various glass fiber bags, bag cages and skeletons. According to the market demand, our company has introduced a number of automatic production lines for bag cages matching needled felt filter bags and silicone bag cage post-treatment production lines Customers' technical requirements can produce and design bags, cages and skeletons with different material specifications.Learn more about

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                  Business distribution
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                  product display
                  Central air conditioning series
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                  Solar energy products

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                  Tel:13214134888       URL:www.mabdoart.com

                  ADD:Room 1-6, Lagu middle school, headquarters economic base,

                   Lagu Economic Zone, Fushun Economic Development Zone, Liaoning Province

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